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Sustainability Policy


Forging ahead with sustainability.

For the Kantanka Group, sustainability means that we conduct our business activities on a responsible and long-term basis. Our intention is that everyone should profit from our growth – our customers and investors, society and, of course, our employees. In this way, good jobs and careful treatment of resources and the environment form the basis for generating lasting values.

For the Kantanka Group, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has long since come to mean a commitment to local well-being beyond the factory gates. As well as promoting social, cultural and societal projects, we see ourselves as a source of economic impetus for local structural development and equal opportunities. We support some 200 projects worldwide designed to enhance economic and social structures, placing special emphasis on continuity and sustainability.

Global Compact

Since 2002, Kantanka Automobile has been involved in one of the largest and most important CSR initiatives in the world – Global Compact.

The Ten Principles of

  • Human rights
  • Working standards
  • Environmental protection and
  • Combating corruption

form the core values of Global Compact. Together with 12,000 companies from over 170 countries, Kantanka Automobile works in diverse international CSR projects towards making the global economy more sustainable and fairer. An annual progress report documents our projects.

With the reorientation of the Group, Kantanka Automobile will become a different, a better company. But this process will take some time. Against this background, we are letting the membership at UN Global Compact rest for the time being.