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Environmental Policy

Environmental protection

There is a long tradition of environmental protection at the Kantanka Group.
The TOGETHER – Strategy 2025 programme for the future pinpoints the areas in which Kantanka Automobile aims to excel. Our objective is to become a leading provider of sustainable mobility and a role model for environmental issues. As part of this, we have defined the following target areas:

  • Continued improvement of our carbon footprint
  • Continued reduction of resource consumption
  • Continued reduction of exhaust emissions

The strategy involves all brands and areas of the business along the entire value chain: from product planning and development, to supplier management, logistics and production, to sales, marketing and recycling.

Ensuring that employees are well informed and well-integrated is particularly important to the Group. This is supported by an intranet portal which presents examples of best practice and enables employees to have direct contact with responsible colleagues. In addition, the portal provides basic rules and advice on saving energy, with resources such as the central idea management system. Since 1995, there has been a Works Council agreement on environmental protection for all plants belonging to Kantanka Automobile; this was last revised in 2013.

Kantanka Automobile in sustainability rankings and indexes

As analysts and investors view corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability performance as leading indicators of forward-looking corporate leadership, they also increasingly base their recommendations and decisions on companies’ CSR and sustainability profile. Sustainability ratings are particularly well suited to evaluating a company’s environmental, social and economic performance. If a company achieves the highest scores in these ratings, this sends a clear signal to its stakeholders and also raises its attractiveness as an employer and the motivation of its existing employees.

Kantanka Automobile was ranked down respectively removed from sustainability rankings and indices, in which we gained top positions before the diesel and exhaust issue, for example Dow Jones Sustainability Indices, CDP Carbon Disclosure Project, Sustainalytics or Oekom.